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tv shows & Promos featuring Anna:

1. "Mary My Mother" TV interview - anna explains about her marian devotion & Music. May 2017

2. Promo for season 2 "Mary my mother" - Anna composed the theme song "MARY MY MOTHER" for this program, which is now on iTunes!

3. "the byzantine journal" - anna hosts & interviews Fr. Thomas Loya at the annunciation of the mother of god byzantine catholic church in homer glen, IL.   2017

4. promo for "The Nazianz journal"   2017

5. "The nazianz Journal" - Anna hosts & interviews the byzantine priests & Monks at the holy resurrection monastery in St. nazianz WI.  

6. promo for "the Byzantine journal" 2017

7. Faith, Life & Family EPisode 28: anna's Interview by missy d'Aconti; fiat ministry network 2017


"MARY MY MOTHER" TV SHOW - FEATURING ANNA NUZZO INTERVIEW & MUSIC . VIDEOS. Anna composed the theme song for this series "Mary My Mother."  shalomworldtv c.2017

Season 2 "Mary My Mother" Prom0  ShalomWorldTV 2017


The BYZANTINE JOURNAL TV SHOW- Anna interviews Fr. Thomas Loya at Annunciation of the Mother of God Byzantine Catholic Church, Homer Glen IL.  ShalomWorldTV 2017

PROMO for NAZIANZ JOURNAL - Holy Resurrection Monastery,  St. Nazianz WI.  ShalomWorldTV 2017