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Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC

"Anna, May Our Lady reward you for your generosity to her and your music which brings her great joy!"

Fr. Chris.jpg

Fr. Chris Alar MIC,

Director of the Assoc. of Marian Helpers

"Anna is very talented and the Marians appreciate her ministry!"


Nancy Salerno Speaker

"The first thing you think of when you see Anna is how stunningly beautiful she is. When you spend time getting to know her, you discover her beautiful soul. Then you hear her sing and know she has received a special gift from God - her breathtaking voice! She has brought so much joy to others with her lovely music."


Jeannie Ewing Author

"Anna brings the gift of music to the soul in a deep, meditative way that draws a person into the broken places of his/her heart. It is through her gift that one's heart can be broken open by God's grace to receive His mercy, love and healing more fully! Even grief becomes more meaningful and beautiful through Anna's music."

jeff cavins.jpg

Jeff Cavins Catholic Evangelist

"You did a wonderful job of singing and preparing the hearts of the people to see the film, Power in my Hands. You have a wonderful gift!"

Sr. Marie Hessed.jpg

Sr. Marie Hesed SOLT

"After listening with the "ears of my heart" to Anna's songs, I can say that she has been GIFTED by the Spirit to touch hearts into healing. She permits herself to be the simple but powerful instrument to reveal the BEAUTY of BEING DRAWN to the HEART of GOD Himself!"

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